Leader Board for the Cinco de Mayo 2 Day Tourney

John E. Masters  1700                                          4 Points

Andrei Ivaschenko  1948                                    4 Points

Dennis Glascock  1918                                        3 1/2 Points

Edgar E. Pastrana Unrated                                2 1/2 Points 

Edward (Tom) Taylor  1696                               2 1/2 Points

Nicholas James Merritt  1683                         2 Points

Alejandro Rodriguez Medina  1252             1 1/2 Points

Sam Dillon  1445                                                     1 Point
Edgardo (Edgar) Acosta  1097                        1 Point                            

Mark A. Dixon  1841  Withdrew                    1 Point

Tournament Schedule Details & Organization

Day 1 -May 5th

10:00 AM- Doors Open (enter through the front door atrium and then the Omniverse Arcade door)

10:30 AM- Registation Closes

10:45 AM- Pairings Announced

11:00 AM- Round 1 Starts

2:00 PM- Round 2 Starts

5:00 PM-Round 3 Starts

Day 2- May 6th

 11:00 AM- Doors Open

12:00 PM- Round 4 Starts

2:30 PM- Round 5 Starts

5:00 PM- Prizes

Participant Rules

All players must disable their cell phones while games are active. All electronic game recording devices must be USCF approved. Please keep communication with other participants at a quiet respectful level. If there are any issues during the game please raise your hand and a Tournament Director will come over to resolve. Food and drink are allowed in the Tournament Hall but please clean up after yourself after every round. 

Non-Participant Rules

You are welcome to watch the tournament from within the tournament room. You must disable all sounds from your devices including vibrations. Absolutely no communication with players during rounds. Tournament Directors will disqualify any players found to be communicating with non-participants and non-participants will be asked to leave (no warnings). You can only set up camping furniture within the tournament room.  They are not allowed in common areas. Please be friendly and respectful to anyone you meet.

Facility Rules

Please be respectful of the club facilities. It is a privilege to play at this outstanding facility. Only use furniture as intended. Food and drink are only allowed in the kitchen area not in the lounge area. There is no maid service, clean up after yourself and others and keep the facilities in pristine order, just as you found it, or better. Kitchen supplies do not belong to the club. Smoking is allowed outside of the building, please mind your butts.

Surrounding Businesses


Omniverse VR Sponsor from 10 AM-10 PM Experience Virtual Reality 

Farmers Market (on Wakefield)  from 7 AM- 1 PM Food and Market goods

Petrol Station (on Wakefield) from 12-11 PM Excellent Menu and Beer/Wine 

Crow Bar (on Wakefield) From 7 am-2am (Value High Quality breakfast/lunch/dinner) Sports

Centennial Heights Micro Brew (on Wakefield) from 11AM-11PM

Driveable (within a mile)

Govindas (Golf) 11AM-9PM Vegetarian inside the Hindu Temple

Gatlins BBQ (Ella) 11am-9 PM Award winning BBQ

Shipley Donuts (Ella) 5am-11 PM The Best

Marco's/Dominos/Pizza Hut (Ella)

Union Kitchen (Ella) 10AM-2AM Upscale dining and bar

McDonald's/Pollo Loco/KFC/Popeye's/Cane's (Ella)

Golden Wok (Ella) 11AM-9PM Chinese

BerryHills (Ella/43rd) 11AM-12PM Cali Seafood/Mexican

Starbucks (Ella/43rd) 5am-12 PM

Slowpokes (Alba/34th) 7am-10PM Feeding Rooks since 2017

Shepherd Draughthouse (Shepherd /34th) Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner 9 AM-11PM

Pink's Pizza (Shepherd)11AM-10PM

Sonic (Shepherd) 10AM-12PM

Taco Cabana (Shepherd) 10AM-1AM

5 Guys Burgers (Shepherd) 11-10 PM

MIller's Hamburgers (Shepherd) 10AM-9PM Killer Burgers/Beer

Brother Pizza (Shepherd) NY Style closed Sunday

Subway 10AM-10PM

Public Facilites

American Legion Park (Golf) Green Space

Houston Library (43rd/Oakforest) Mind Space

Cinco De Mayo Tourney (Live Update) 1:30 PM

Round 1   11:05 Start

Board          White V Black                                       

Board 1   Taylor v Ivanschenko (1)                                                                                    

Board 2   Glascock (1) v Merritt                                          

Board 3   Masters (1) v Pastrana

Board 4   Rodriguez Medina v Dixon (1)

Acosta    Bye (1)

Dillon      Requested Bye (1/2)

Round 2  2:05 Start

Board            White V Black                                      

Board 1  Ivanschenko v Masters (1)                                                                          

Board 2  Dixon v Glascock  (1)                                                                        

Board 3  Dillon (1) v Acosta

Board 4  Pastrana (1) v Taylor                                                                         

Board 5  Merrit (1)  v Rodriguez Medina

Dixon Withdraws

Round 3    5:00 Start    

Board             White V Black                                    Clock                     Points

Board 1   Glascock (1) v Masters                                                                 

Board 2   Ivanschenko (1) v Dillon                                                                            

Board 3   Pastrana v Merritt (1)

Board 4   Acosta v Rodriguez Medina (1)

Taylor      Bye (1/2)

Day 2  11:30 Start

Round 4         

                        White V Black 

Board 1  Glascock v Ivanschenko (1)

Board 2  Masters (1) v Merritt

Board 3  Dillon v Pastrana (1)

Board 4  Taylor (1) v Acosta

Requested Bye Rodriguez Medina (1/2)

Round 5  2:00 Start


                   White V Black

Board 1  Merritt v Ivanschenko(1)

Board 2 Pastrana(1/2) v Glascock(1/2)

Board 3 Acosta v Masters (1)

Board 4 Rodriguez Medina v Taylor (1)

Board 5 Dillon (1) v Millsaps